Perpetual Playa specializes in Bitcoin solutions for Real Estate transactions in El Salvador.

Our Real Estate Investment Services are designed to offer investors access to prime real estate opportunities in an emerging market and Bitcoin safe haven.  We specialize in connecting investors with a variety of property types, including Beach Homes, rental properties on the coast, productive agricultural lands, gated communities, and strategically located land in areas set for growth. 

Our comprehensive suite of services covers legal assistance, translation, banking, and direct connections to sellers, builders, and developers.

The real estate market in El Salvador has a wide range of prices and options, partly due to its emerging status among investors. Our expertise lies in identifying and securing properties that are accurately priced and offer significant potential for appreciation.

To start exploring investment opportunities with us, simply fill out our real estate application. We aim to streamline your entry into real estate investment in El Salvador, ensuring access to quality investments with our full support and expertise. 


  • Payment options
  • Property search and consultation
  • Legal representation
  • Documentation and contracts
  • Property price negotiation
  • Translation
  • Clean title
  • Title transfer
  • Property tax payment
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