Our offshore investment services include access to the precious land of this magical country. Whether you want a yield generating rental property at the beach, or a commodity productive farm in the mountains, we can help connect you with the perfect income producing property. Perhaps you are searching for your 2nd home and eventual retirement destination, or maybe you just want to buy an inexpensive piece of land in an up and coming area and wait. We have the information and access to it all, including legal, banking, loans, listings, sellers, builders and developers.

There can be a wide range in El Sal RE pricing due to its being newly discovered. Often some properties are listed considerably over market. We work to find you the right property at the right price.

We have boots on the ground friends, family and staff that can help you with whatever services you may need including a personal driver, chef, employment, builders, labor, architects, you name it.

Simply fill out our business formation application to get started.


  • Complete language translation services
  • Property search and consultation based on specific client needs and desires
  • Complete legal representation
  • Documentation and contracts
  • Real estate property and price negotiation
  • Assistance with all steps of the real estate process, including negotiation, offer, and final closing
  • Assurance of clean title
  • Assistance of final title, transfer into your name
  • Assistant with payment of one time property tax payment upon purchase

Featured Listings

Ocean Beachfront Hotel Ocean Beachfront Hotel
Beach House 2nd Row **Under Contract** Beach House 2nd Row **Under Contract**
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Deep Water Estate Deep Water Estate
Jungle Mountain Beach House Jungle Mountain Beach House
85 Acre Beachfront Paradise 85 Acre Beachfront Paradise
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