I could tell from my communication with the Perpetual Assets, it was important that I understood the process before and after.

Both with my Crypto and Metals purchases, which were fast and painless transactions.

I look forward to continued bussiness with the Perpetual Assets team.  

-- Alex from Texas 


Such a great help and blessing over the years helping me move money from my SEP IRA to my self directed IRA that purchased crypto currencies.

The staff is and has been very knowledgeable and helpful through the several transactions I have completed throughout the years. I plan on doing another transaction with them later this year as well.

-- Michael from New Hampshire 


Perpetual Assets helped me move out of my "XYZ IRA" account and set up my own "IRA LLC".  I really liked how reasonable the fees were to set this up.

Far less than what I spent just holding funds for one year in my prior "XYZ IRA" account because they were constantly digging into my profit of my "XYZ IRA".

Not only can I hold the private keys to my Crypto's, but I can invest metals and most any other asset basis in my own self managed accounts.

-- Ann from California 


IRA: I decided to take my financial life back and invest in my own future. Perpetual Assets has been helpful every step of the way. It's been easy to make my own investments. I'm finally free from the Wall Street casino!

Metals Card: What a wonderful idea. Another vehicle to protect my purchasing power in an era of high inflation.

-- Lauren from New Jersey


Perpetual Assets was just the right company at the right time. What this means to me was that I was looking at many other companies to start my LLC IRA through, but did not find what I was looking for nor felt comfortable with. I just turned 59 1⁄2, but my investigation and research started about a year or more ago, so I did my homework in preparation to make the decision as to where to put my trust is starting this venture.

My LLC took maybe 21 days from submitting my initial application until my LLC checking account was setup and fully funded.

I want to thank Perpetual Assets for their help, support, expertise and dedication

-- Bill from Washington State


I'm a very satisfied customer of Perpetual Assets.  They are very knowledgeable, down to earth, yet professional, answer calls and emails quickly.  They walked me through all the complex paperwork to set me up with the IRA LLC.  I look forward to future business, and keeping an eye on all the new things they are staying on top of and selling.

Here's to life, liberty and happiness,

-- Don from Wisconsin  


From the beginning, Perpetual Assets demonstrated tremendous integrity, honesty, and professional expertise with identifying investment avenues and facilitating my goals.  It’s personal service that instilled confidence throughout the process.  They provide an amazing service that is particularly timely in our economic environment.  So fortunate to do business with Perpetual Assets and hope to continue this relationship into the future.  Thank you

 --Crystal from Montana


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