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We love our clients. We love talking through scenarios, helping with any roadblocks, and most of all we love them for keeping the lights on! Here’s what some of them had to say about us…



Perpetual Assets saved me $10,000 on taxes and penalties I would have paid had I cashed out my IRA in order to buy physical metals!  Will Lehr took care of every step needed to convert my IRA to an LLC with ease!  He was even able to find me metals that were available for immediate shipment at competitive prices.

Great job Will!  I'm grateful to have found you through Chris Duane's Silver Shield Group and please use me as a reference anytime!

-- Ron from Florida


Silver Card: What a wonderful idea. Another vehicle to protect my purchasing power in an era of high inflation.

IRA: I decided to take my financial life back and invest in my own future. Perpetual Assets has been helpful every step of the way. It's been easy to create my own investment business. I'm finally free from the Wall Street casino!

Metals: My first purchase of metals ever. I decided that metals ownership is a must for my investment portfolio. The partners are personable and me feel comfortable and trusting. Both silver & gold were shipped quickly, discreetly and well packaged. My favorite coin is the 1/10th oz. gold Eagle.

-- Lauren from New Jersey


It does seem like people are starting to wake up and more important do something about it, they're fighting back. You should be proud to know your career and life doesn't feed this corrupt system like 80% of the people out there. You're career / life is helping the world to be a better place. 

Good job, keep it up! 

-- Randy from Nevada


Perpetual Assets was just the right company at the right time. What this means to me was that I was looking at many other companies to start my LLC IRA through, but did not find what I was looking for nor felt comfortable with. I just turned 59 1⁄2, but my investigation and research started about a year or more ago, so I did my homework in preparation to make the decision as to where to put my trust is starting this venture.

Both Will and Gus are just awesome in their openness to answer questions and guide you through every aspect of starting your LLC. Their support and timelessly supplying information, forms, guidance, and peace of mind in starting my IRA LLC was nothing short of exceptional.

My LLC took maybe 21 days from submitting my initial application until my LLC checking account was setup and fully funded. Believe me I was nervous before starting down this road but once started with Perpetual Assets and with Will and Gus walking through every step that unease soon left and was replaced with anticipation of every next step.

I want to thank these two men for their help, support, expertise and dedication

-- Bill from Washington State


I'm a very satisfied customer of Perpetual Assets.  They are very knowledgeable, down to earth, yet professional, answer calls and emails quickly.  They walked me through all the complex paperwork to set me up with the IRA LLC.  I look forward to future business, and keeping an eye on all the new things they are staying on top of and selling.

Here's to life, liberty and happiness,

-- Don from Wisconsin


I was looking for a way to reinvest and protect my IRA, but wasn't sure how to go about it. Will Lehr and Perpetual Assets made the process easy, giving me the peace of mind and security I needed in today’s confusing economic environment.

-- Kristin from Hawaii


When I first heard about Perpetual Assets and the LLC IRA I was very interested. I read all I could on the net and I really wanted to go on and make the change but I could not find any personal reviews on the company.  Taking the risk with my IRA money with an untried company really scared me but what scared me more was losing what I had to the banksters and their ilk. I took the risk and called Perpetual Assets and started the process. Will and Gus were great to work with and really went the extra mile to make the LLC IRA conversion go smoothly.  They were always willing to answer questions and help with any issue.  I heartily recommend Perpetual Assets to anyone interested in moving to an LLC IRA.

-- Steve from Massachusetts

***Thanks to Steve for keeping on us to get these testimonials up***


When my husband and I thought about starting this process we were hesitant because we thought it would be too complex and basically overwhelming. Now that everything is done we can easily say we would have done it sooner. Both Will and Gus were not only always available - they answered our questions quickly and sometimes answered the same questions twice without even flinching! They are clearly customer focused and not only support but educate along the way.

-- Linda from Vermont


I have to say that Will Lehr first is a great guy. A true professional and willing to go beyond the call of duty. Rendering outstanding service and legal and technical service.  So what that means to me he must have a crack staff under him as the process was remarkably fast and accurate. I might note that I am extremely hard to impress. And I am impressed!

Now to the meat. Perpetual Assets has discovered an investment vehicle for your retirement program to unhinge you from the system. Brilliant in construction and very legal. If you have not considered this vehicle you should and you should do it now!  Respectfully, Satisfied Customer

-- David from Pennsylvania



It's a matter of trust. Do you trust your financial institution with your life savings? Perpetual Assets aligned themselves with reputable intuitions like GATA, and others. I didn't know how to go about controlling my own IRA and Will patiently walked me through the process. I would recommend this method to all my friends and family, if they would only listen.

--Rosemary from Michigan



I am very appreciative of all your help in this endeavor.  I was thinking how fortunate it was that I came across you in an archived article on J. W. Rawles Survivalblog.com.  I was going to just take the entire amount out, take the tax hit and go from there.  This allows me the freedom to do other things like buy property and other assets that I hadn't considered.   I owe you a huge thanks for this.

 Thank you again Will,

 --Bob from Massachusetts 




From the beginning, Will and Gus demonstrated tremendous integrity, honesty, and professional expertise with identifying investment avenues and facilitating my goals.  It’s personal service that instilled confidence throughout the process.  It was fast, communication was excellent, and every aspect was completed exactly as Will said.  They provide an amazing service that is particularly timely in our economic environment.  So fortunate to do business with Perpetual Assets and hope to continue this relationship into the future.  Thank you

 --Crystal from Montana