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5 oz Trivium BU

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The Silver Bullet Silver Shield Trivium is available in a BU satin finish and also a Proof-Like mirrored finish that comes with a capsule and numbered Certificate of Authenticity signed by Chris Duane and Heidi Wastweet.


The Trivium is the basis for all individuals to free themselves collective manipulation or toxic thoughts that hold them back from their destiny. This also makes for a strong basis for future Medallions in the Silver Bullet Silver Shield Series. The Reverse depicts the Classic Silver Bullet Silver Shield Crest with the sayings “A Conscious Solution To Collectivist Problems” and “Listen To All. Follow None”. The Silver Shield is flanked by 47 Silver Bullets representing the atomic number of silver. We have all heard of a “classical education,” but few know what that really means. It was based on the Trivium of Grammar (Observation), Logic and Rhetoric. Grammar (Observation) the rational and unemotional observation of symbols, situations or facts allows truth to be observed. Logic is processing the current set of facts and logically thinking about what will be the logical consequences of, or the best course of action in light of the observation. Rhetoric is the ability to tell either yourself or others of your observation and your line of thinking. The Trivium is the three step thought process that breaks the slave thought and allows the individual to become their highest and best self. The Founding Fathers declared that man has certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. A unique perspective on these three Rights is that Life represents your past freedom. Liberty represents your present Freedom. And the Pursuit of Happiness represents you future Freedom. The Trivium, combined with these three Rights, make a powerful, positive force in your life.

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Condition Brilliant-Uncirculated
Face Value N/A
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Purity .999 Fine Silver