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Precious Metals Access Card


Perpetual Assets is proud to offer the Precious Metals Access Card. Now you can spend metals with a swipe.  One of the greatest objections to owning precious metals has been that they are not accepted by merchants and not practical as a means of living off of, paying monthly bills, and conducting transactions.

That objection is now a thing of the past. The Precious Metals Access Card allows you to have the inflation hedge of actually owning physical silver (or gold), while also providing instant liquidity.  You can use the card anywhere VISA is accepted and as far as the merchant is concerned you are paying in local currency. Your account is 100% fully segregated, 100% fully insured, and maintains your balance in ounces of physical bullion.  The card also works at any ATM machine that accepts Visa.  Swipe for local currency while spending your metals.

Gone is the need to find a local dealer for selling your silver.  Gone is the worry of how much disposable income should be maintained in silver.  Gone is the need to educate merchants on sound money.   The Vault we have partnered with is PMB & V, and the issuing bank is Mountain West Bank.

If at any given time you would like to close your account, simply call or email and the entire metals balance you have is shipped to you within 2 business days.  Unlike many of it's competitors this card is available to US clients, and doesn't have any start up fees other then the cost of your metals purchase.  It also allows you to buy any type of sovereign or private bullion to use, and isn't run by any Federal or State Institution. 

How it works:

Fill out the Precious Metals Access Card application, once complete, go to our Silver Coins or Silver Bars section and fund your account with a purchase. You can choose any type of silver we carry. Our minimum order is 500 USD.

Once we've received payment for your order your application and bullion are then shipped off to the vault for storage and processing.  Within 7-10 days you'll receive your card along with an account application that will require your signature. Sign and return, once processed your card is activated and ready for use anywhere in the world that accepts VISA.


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