You Can’t Handle The Truth ~ 2 Part Interview with Jim Willie

Will Lehr of interviews Jim Willie of

Join us in a Two Part Series covering current financial and economic events…

The Fed is admitting that we have a systemic Lehmann event unfolding, and with too big to fail policies suspended the logistics are in place to kill the banks, or some of them…

Today we are sub $30 oil, according to Jim and sources a bank collapse should be coming soon. The leverage to oil derivative contracts is massive and the banks are exposed. Jim hears that many of these hedges expire this January, February, and March.

Jim gives us a friendly Econ 101 lesson regarding the divergence of opinion and strategy between Micro and Macro forces. A company may have a different agenda from it’s country, enter Germany.

We discuss the fall of the house of Saud. Jim says the fall of the Erdogan Turkish regime is near, and to watch its currency. He believes we may seen redrawn Turkish borders in the future.

Jim draws a parallel between Ukraine and Syria and how each were used as attacks via Qatar. Jim calls out the US attacks in Syria, the supposed ISIS targets, which are really all key Syrian infrastructure.

Apparently Jim Kerry turned 180 degrees in Russia as he met with Putin saying US no longer requires Assad to step down as leader, and US requests the Turkish military evacuate Syria and Northern Iraq. The anti-NWO is on the rise. The great splintering of our nation is under way as good forces attack the bad.

We discuss the Narco trade. Doctors without borders was apparently overtaken by Bush heroine trade, and then bombed by good forces. Jim reveals how ISIS was being paid via this criminal cartel. There has been disrupted narco flow that apparently was even being used to prop up the US stock market.

Jim illustrates the fracturing taking place of NATO, which he calls a war alliance, a heroine alliance, and a terrorism alliance. Germany, France, and even Britain are going against NATO forces in Syria.

And more, and more, and more…

Part 2:

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