The Jig is Up with Jim Willie

Will Lehr of Perpetual Assets Interviews Dr. Jim Willie, editor of the Hat Trick Letter on

Join us for a different angle, a unique investigation of the unprecedented events unfolding. This is a fantastic, action packed interview with almost 2 hours of content. Jim dives into the collapsing platforms of the US dollar. The tide is turning very quickly. Jim’s wealth of knowledge never ceases to amaze me and he seems to never miss a news development.

Jim reveals his belief that half of the purpose for the AIIB development bank will be the BRICS gold central bank. Jim gives us a rare breakdown of much of his brain team. Bear with us in the end as we ramble and chat a bit, on and off topic. Jim tells us his story of meeting a Rockefeller. Cold fusion, corrupt Vatican accounts, the new sheriff from the East, and Hitler- the topics covered are vast.

Part 1:

Part 2:


QE is a Ruse That Guarantees Global Rejection of USDollar

– undermine to national banking reserve systems (national savings)

– hyper monetary inflation impossible to justify (unless severely stupid)

– deep lies surround the volume, the connection to the financial control rig offices

– Western CB franchise system has no more credibility

– duration of QE was a lie

– threat of bail-in against backdrop of negative interest rate has wrecked CB credd

Coming Isolation of US

– war, sanctions, collateral seizures, bail-in threats,

– poorly crafted trade pacts

– full generation of hegemony with finance, military (not so much commerce)

– backfire of outsourcing effects, when Emerging Markets have savings

– backfire of political heavy handed manner with global offices (IMF, WB, SWIFT)

– resentment over wars and sanctions

– whatever the USGovt touches turns to shiitte

Strategic Importance of Greece & Turkey

– control of Bosporus Straits for Russian Naval Fleet

– military base potential in Eastern Med Sea

– access to port facilities and shipping companies

– undermine of EU debt strangle with asset seizures

– drawn into Eurasian Trade Zone (officially called Eurasian Economic Union)

– Turkey as NATO airbase and narco distribution route node

– shift from Ukraine to the two nations on Gazprom pipeline network node

– Greece & Turkey as twin crowbars to divide Europe, after Ukraine made initial split

RMB Hubs & The London-Frankfurt Axis

– undermine of global USD standard in trade settlement (no more)

– advances concept of Yuan Swap Facility for bilateral trade

– London and Frankfurt are in the two hearts of European financial centers

– toeholds for all the non-USD platforms (like Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank)

– lost control of West in finance terms, the stronghold

– even Canada with Vancouver & Toronto, now recently Los Angeles (ICBC Bank)

Gold Trade Note

– it is the Letter of Credit to come into view

– beginning of barter, first

– but introduction of Gold in trade settlement, more important

– root system for Gold Trade Settlement

– later come realization of USTreasury Bond not needed in banking reserve systems

– Gold Standard to arrive on trade ramps, then banking systems, finally currencys

– BRICS Gold Central Bank will be morphed from the New Development Bank

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