Serfdom is the New Normal ~ Gus Demos & Michael Krieger

“The state is not interested in the rule of law, the state is interested in protecting state power.” ~ Michael Krieger

Gus Demos from welcomes Michael Krieger from

We are thrilled to have Mike back. Join us for a hearty 39 minute analysis of modern day slavery. Mike has been a major proponent in exposing fraud in the upper echelons of the ruling elite.

Neo feudalism is alive and well, hence the recent proposition to put a moat around the white house. Although laughable in premise, it reflects the ruling mentality towards the people. Federal agencies across the board are increasing their surveillance and targeting of civilian population, including undercover sting operations. They are focusing resources on dissent and free speech, not the criminals that are looting and poisoning the planet.

Are people inherently good, or evil? Are the agents of the state motivated by bad, or are they just not questioning? Questioning your world view challenges your inner instilled propaganda. This is the primary line in the sand for those that are awake, and those that are not: asking questions.

Millennials are breaking the trend of modern propaganda. Mike sees the major macro trend as positive. The upcoming generation has been setup to fail, which it will with the next economic downturn. The backlash from this group could be positive for humanity. This is a group focused on technology and innovation. With the rise in open source technologies there is hope for the next generation.

Will we see Hillary vs Jeb Bush in 2016? Mike believes Rand Paul is the only person who could beat Hillary on the national stage and that’s why he won’t be in the running. The status quo doesn’t want him. See his article covering this here.

Asset forfeiture cases keep surfacing. This has been a problem for years and thankfully has recently broken into public attention. The serfs aren’t supposed to have or carry large sums of money, so police lawfully take it. Police will likely pass up the people who know and express their rights, going for the lower hanging fruit.

The monetary world is currently insane. Trillions of phantom dollars are springing into existence while the assault on alternative forms of money ensues. Silver is trading around $16, gold under $1200. The Feds are about to release 50k Bitcoin onto the market. The crypto currency has greeted smashes under $300 with heavy buying demand.

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