Proposed IRA Laws Pave The Way For More Government Control of Your Money

The IRA marketplace holds an estimated $5 Trillion in net assets. The 401k marketplace, including all employer sponsored plans, holds $10 Trillion. Combined, this $15 Trillion piggybank stands as the largest source of liquid capital in the USA.

Let’s flashback to 2008 and 2009. When a modern day financial crisis unfolds it begins as a crisis of liquidity, complete with margin calls and bulk selling of almost all asset classes across the board. Investors, institutions and the like have an immediate need to raise cash, forcing the sale of otherwise healthy assets. Remember Hank Paulson literally on his knees begging Congress to approve the Troubled Assets Relief Plan (TARP)? He had to threaten martial law and tanks in the streets. This was a need for liquidity (cash).

The problems we face today are the same from 2008, only much broader and bigger now. Imagine how the next financial crisis may play out. This time it will be so grandiose that the threats to national security will be many. Passing draconian laws often comes easily when the majority of the voters are on their knees. With China and/or Russia likely to be blamed for a global currency collapse, all US Dollar accounts and unsecured assets will be forced to take a large reduction in value. This will be forced on the people and believe it or not, many will welcome it.

The coming TARP equivalent will be masqueraded as a “Save America Bond” or something of the like. It will promise to pay considerable returns but in rapidly depreciating currency. The $15 Trillion in retirement accounts will be target. The proof is in the new laws and proposals that are conveniently being brought to the table now.

This just in from our friends at Natural News:

Running on financial fumes, the Obama Administration now planning on confiscating retirement accounts and pensions across the nation

The article mentions some of the proposed changes, and as they may seem harmless on the surface, this is a major sign of more capital controls. Capital controls are one of the first signs of a collapsing government. This is the mere changing of laws to make theft legal and palatable, on a colossal scale.

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