Full Fledged Precious Metals Demonization Begins

Well now the big bad boogeyman called ISIS or ISIL or whatever trendy name the media has picked for the week, has reemerged in the headlines. Only this time, the masked crusaders of terror are promoting honest money and denouncing fiat. No- I am not kidding.

ISIS has just released its new currency plans using gold, silver, and copper coinage saying it would break “the oppressors’ money system.”

Here are the images…

Now the group of be-headers and crucifiers with deep roots to the CIA is conveniently promoting precious metals as currency. This has scapegoat setup written all over it. We know ISIS was created, funded, and trained by the criminal cabal. Perhaps this multipurpose pawn is now being used not only vilify precious metals but also to take blame for the soon to collapse fiat system.

Bad guys love to divert blame for their criminal actions. No party on earth, individual or sovereign, wants to take blame for the coming currency collapse. Much of the asleep world today will be angry tomorrow and will seek justice. Imagine not only hoards of people, but well armed police and military that now know the truth and seek revenge for being lied to their entire lives. When the veil is finally lifted on humanity it will be a modern day tar and feathers.

The good news is it looks like the evil element is losing its grasp. Our sources tell us the jig is almost up. The world stage is dominated by mostly good people with good intentions. Although it may seem impossible there are good forces within the western system working to bring down the criminal element. I believe there are enough of us that just want to be left alone and trade and exist honestly, enough of us to build something special after the corruption is purged.

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