Fins to the Left, Fins to the Right

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Can you feel them circling?

The end of the monetary system as we know it nears; the sharks are circling. Laws are being changed. Many of our long held concerns are coming true in plain sight. The emails from those in the know are mounting. The alarm bells are ringing, louder and louder still.

Bank Deposits Legal Status Changed from Money to Liabilities

In an international law overhaul the likes of a UN gun grab, the G20 has just changed the legal status of your bank deposits, and downgraded their priority. This effectively makes a 2011 Cyprus event legal across the globe. Depositors are no longer protected in the event of a banking crisis.

As ZeroHedge noted, “The G20 announcement in Brisbane on November 16th will formalize a “bail in” for large-scale depositors raising the spectre that their deposits are, as many were in 1932, worth less than banknotes.”
“Some simple mathematics reveals that the November 16th announcement will create a very major incentive for investors to change deposits into banknotes.”

And there you have it- a surge in demand for freshly printed Fed Reserve notes. Not only does this scam allow depositors to be fleeced in the next crisis it also conveniently creates demand for new cash, and perhaps, short term treasuries.

In a stunning article from Dave Hodges he says, “This new program creates a whole new paradigm and set of rules whereby banks will no longer recognize your deposits as money.”

Your first instinct may be to question FDIC insurance backstop. The fund currently has ~$25 billion, to cover every checking, savings, and money market account in the country… Dave goes on to clarify “if you have $100,000 in a bank account, you will take home under $1200!”

What’s more, “The next series of bankster targets are your retirement and 401k accounts” per Dave in another article in this series, found HERE.

The day after the G20 announcement the following news broke. This was in an email alert from our friend Bix Weir at

All eyes are on Deutsche Bank’s $75T Derivative portfolio at the moment as they just announced they will be “scaling back” their most profitable nuclear ponzi scheme…Credit Default Swaps!

Deutsche Bank Scales Back Trading in Credit Derivatives

“The bank is exiting part of the market as trading linked to swaps protecting against the default of individual companies plunged from as much as $32 trillion before the financial crisis to less than $11 trillion, according to data from the Bank for International Settlements. Trading in the market, which was blamed for helping to exacerbate the financial crisis, has become more expensive as regulators across U.S. and Europe have stepped up scrutiny and increased balance-sheet requirements making it harder to carry out trades.”

“Earlier this month, the company announced that the co-head of its fixed-income trading business was stepping down, leaving Richard Herman to become the sole head of the department, according to the company.”

Coincidence?? Doubtful. Stay tuned friends as things are getting interesting…

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