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Why is the mainstream media completely ignoring the Seth Rich assassination story? Is it because the professional hit on Rich probably leads to the highest levels of the DNC, or potentially all the way to John Podesta or Hillary Clinton herself? This is high drama not even ‘House of Cards’ on Netflix can touch. Will Lehr from Perpetual Assets joins me to discuss this, the economy, and the Comex killer. Thanks for tuning in.

From Rogue Money
Posted by Kenneth Schortgen

Ever since the U.S. financial system came hat in hand to beg taxpayers for a bailout back in 2008, it was only a matter of time before either Wall Street, or the government, would seek to find a way to steal the $19 – 25 trillion Americans have in their myriad of retirement accounts. And not withstanding Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama’s attempts to connive individuals into shifting their 401K’s and IRA’s into government backed debt, most retiree’s money has been relatively safe over the past eight years since the Fed was providing enough ‘stimulus’ to feed the hunger of the banks and hedge funds.

However six years after conducting their first Quantitative Easing program, the central bank has come to the realization they have lost control over inflation and interest rates, and have begun to pull back from supplying the tens of trillions of dollars necessary to create the artificial ‘recovery’ that has seen the Dow soar to over 21,000.

And needless to say, this shutting off of the tap is severely affecting a significant player in the markets. And when you couple in the fact that these institutions are facing a growing number of redemptions, one hedge fund is salivating at the thought of finding a way to take control over some or all of the people’s retirement funds.

Alas, with companies increasingly opting for defined-contribution retirement plans (401k’s) in-lieu of defined benefit plans, combined with the trillions of dollars of losses that wall street has racked up for the nation’s largest pensions, it’s no wonder that ‘millionaire, billionaire, private jet owners’, like Stephen Schwarzman of Blackstone, are looking to get their ‘fair share’ of fees from America’s $4.8 trillion in 401(k) assets.

As Schwarzman told Bloomberg, “you have to have a dream,” and his dream is to apparently lay waste to a whole new pocket of American retirement wealth.
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Will Lehr interviews Bix Weir from RoadToRoota.com

We dive deep into The bitcoin fork debate and why Bix believes the way he does. And it has everything to do with the Road To Roota theory, the bigger picture. Bix has been fighting the bankers for 17 years. Bitcoin plays an epic role in the battle for freedom from the banking cabal. Bix believes this fork is crucial for the future of bitcoin as a payment system to benefit humanity, thereby serving its intended purpose.

We dabble in a few other fun conspiracies, like Trump, truth bombs, and optimism- something we could all use a bit more of these days. Go team good guys! (and gals).

Bix is putting 17 years of his work into his new youtube series, available for free. Check out his work below, and don’t forget to subscribe to Perpetual Assets youtube channel for more interviews like these – more are coming!

We also discuss how to buy bitcoin with an IRA or old 401k and store it offline in your possession!

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With the increasing craze surrounding bitcoin, blockchain technologies, and alternative cryptocurrencies we find it worth mention that funds locked in an IRA or old 401k or pension may be the source for your newfound crypto investments.

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We believe blockchain technology will be instrumental in future payment processing. Familiarize yourself today.

If you’re still skeptical of bitcoin, then stick with nature’s finest- gold and silver. Both metals can be bought with IRA LLC and you can control the storage yourself. You do not have to keep the metals in a depository…

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Is your IRA bulletproof enough to survive any stock market crash, banking system freeze-up, or brokerage failures? What if you could hold your physical gold in your own storage, guarantee zero counter-party risk, preserve all the legal tax advantages of IRAs, and avoid any tax penalties on IRA withdrawals at the same time? Will Lehr, managing partner & co-founder of Perpetual Assets visits Reluctant Preppers for the first time to lay out the ABCs of establishing your own self-storage precious metals IRA. If you haven’t examined this important model until now, you are in for a real eye opener!

Jim Willie, editor of The Hat Trick Letter is back!!! Find his latest work on GoldenJackass.com

Join us for a post Super Bowl bash. Jim’s Patriots won and he is fired up.

The topics are numerous complete with our favorite Jackass rants and personal stories.

Featured in 2 parts, approx 2 hours total. Parts 1 & 2 will both be posted here. (refresh page if you don’t see Part 2 above)

Some topics include:

Gold price revival timeframe
Trump potential deals with the devils
Gold Trade Note coming into view
Gold and silver investment allocation, market analysis and predictions
Can the USA avoid Third World fate?
Awakening of the masses and likely scapegoats
Ultimate Jackass signal of evil banker cabal capitulation
Role of BitCoin and crypto technology in future money systems
Petro-Dollar death 90% complete
Elite globalist scum on the run
Real significance of the Davos Barbecue this year

Gus Demos of Perpetual Assets speaks with Jeff Berwick of Dollar Vigilante. Here we cover several strategies for freeing your money from the system.

Jeff interviews returning guest Gus Demos of Perpetual Assets, topics include: offshoring self directed IRAs, capital controls and the war on cash is ramping up and spreading to other countries, the coming war on gold and Bitcoin, negative interest rates only possible with demonetization, a possible US debt default under Trump or else possible nationalization of IRAs, the desirability of holding tangible assets, making it difficult for governments to rob you, perilous times ahead for IRAs, a precious metals backed Visa/ATM card, a glowing testimonial for the TDV Summit and Anarchapulco 2017

Join us at Anarchapulco 2017!