Omar Bham from the Youtube channel Crypt0 invited Will Lehr on for a brief conversation live from Anarchapulco 2019.

Omar is a valuable contributor to the crypto community – his work speaks for itself and we appreciate his analysis and coverage in the space.  Please visit his channel and subscribe if it resonates.  The good people in crypto have to stick together.

Welcome to our inaugural broadcast of the Weekly News Rap with Gus and Will, just a couple guys talking about finance, economics, politics, and the insanity of it all.

Today we discuss censorship at large, from social media influence to full on thought police, and the desensitization to it all.

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Do you think the system is rigged against you? Big money wins, little guy loses.  That’s not an un-common way to feel. Today’s guest is Will Lehr. Will’s an investment consultant whose spent the past two decades in the financial services industry.  These days, his business is the “Opt Out” version of that world and it’s called Perpetual Assets. Precious metals. Cryptocurrency. IRA LLCs . . . these are his (and his clients) alternatives to the vanilla IRA’s and 401k’s that so many of us have been sold. This episode will teach you some unique ways you can use IRA’s to invest in things you may have never thought possible…

We are excited to announce the launch of our in house crypto acquisition service.
Many of our clients have experienced tremendous difficulty navigating exchange requirements.  Our process is simple and fast allowing client to wire USD funds to us, executing the crypto purchase on a trade call with us, then delivery of the crypto funds directly to client provided wallet address, including a test transaction to the wallet address.  This service is available for IRA or personal funds.
Jeff Berwick and Gus Demos just discussed the option on yesterday’s Dollar Vigilante podcast: