“Safe as Money in the Bank?” Thanks to the carefully managed facade of solidity and stability, you are likely to believe that what you deposited into your bank account or safe deposit box belongs to you….but does it? What if you found out that the official rules have been steadily rewritten to strip away all the rights, ownership, and protection that you ever thought was backing you up?

Will Lehr, co-founder of Perpetual Assets, returns to Reluctant Preppers to reveal several inconvenient facts about the vulnerability of our bank accounts which we would be well advised to consider in this time of unstable economic news and volatile markets.

Lehr also offers an update on mega-trends, and on the legalities of self-storage precious metal IRAs and other viable options you need to know about, so you can keep your assets closer at hand than today’s banking system permits.

Will Lehr Managing Partner & Co Founder of Perpetual Assets is interviewed in this episode. Will Lehr brings almost 2 decades experience in the financial services industry, specifically alternative asset and private wealth management. Will has been involved in the precious metals industry from minting to brokering.

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Welcome to our inaugural broadcast of the Weekly News Rap with Gus and Will, just a couple guys talking about finance, economics, politics, and the insanity of it all.

Today we discuss censorship at large, from social media influence to full on thought police, and the desensitization to it all.

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