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Join us in a Two Part Series covering current financial and economic events. The discussion in this two hour episode goes all over the place. Please enjoy…

A new explanation and theory is USD Death seen in Oil Price decline — The dismantling of the Petro Dollar. If the pseudo foundation of USDollar has been crude oil since 1973, then the death of USD is clear. US is focused on war and bank hegemony, while China is focused on trade and infrastructure

Russia accepts RMB in oil payments from China, as de-Dollarization continue. This is nail in the Petro-Dollar coffin. Next the Gulf Emirates accepted RMB in oil payments

Iran joins the Eurasian Trade Zone via development contracts with China. A completed triangle on the Eurasian Trade Zone is coming into view. Three empires are joining as Russia, China, and Persia unite in a grand awakening.

A German leader from Bavaria (Seehofer) met with Putin in the Kremlin supporting conditions set to undercut sanctions during the great flip east. The dumping of Arab human flotsam & jetsam has not gone over well in Germany. Passage paid by USGovt NGO groups including Soros, inducing social sabotage.

Suncor posts huge $2bn quarterly loss, and S&P downgraded 10 firms. Appearing is a big wide red ink river as oil hedges expire. Big firms have been running at losses while working capital goes rotten.

Central Banks are no longer expanding balance sheets, as the debt game unravels. The new sheriff in town is the White Dragons in the East. The negative rate implementation is a final gasp, breathing through their a$$holes.

The S&P500 has critical support level at 1870, it is going to break and the TNX 10-yr yield is heading to 1.5%. This is the bond black hole that sucks in global capital. Afterwards comes the RESET and New Scheiss Dollar to reduce capital value within the hole. There are two missing liquidity channels: Fed/WallSt and Bush narco money.

Global Trade has ground to a halt, with Baltic Dry Index down 80%. There is a global shipping strike from unprofitable lines and refusal to take USTBills. Oil tankers are circling the Gulf of Mexico in large numbers. The US exported 400,000 empty containers in 2015 (LA, Long Beach, NY, NJ)

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