A Harbinger for Collapse ~ Interview with Jeff Berwick

Gus Demos of Perpetual Assets interviews Jeff Berwick of The Dollar Vigilante

Gus and Jeff discuss upcoming conferences such as Anarchapulco and The Dollar Vigilante conference, as well as a host of current events in this short but sweet video.

The global financial collapse is in full swing…

Jeff discusses numerous items that should be catching major attention: 27 global stock markets are in collapse, oil, copper, corporate defaults, the Baltic dry index – all are at 2008 lows or worse. The geopolitical landscape is not boring either. Hotbeds from Syria to China continue to worsen with complexity. Capital controls are being put in place in the US, and being tied to individuals’ passports, and the list goes on.

We discuss mainstream indoctrination via propaganda, Bitcoin, internationalization, and more. Jeff’s view on anarchy is a simple one. He just doesn’t want to be ruled. He says as an anarchist he wants the separation of state and everything.

The separation of state and money is one that hits close to home. We seek honest money that cannot be controlled, let alone governed. Said governance should be the responsibility left to the free market.

Non-state monies include gold, silver, and bitcoin. Jeff discusses the argument that bitcoin, however, is the only risk free asset, therefore proper storage is crucial. It is like invisible cash, easily lost or stolen if not stored with care.

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