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Cryptocurrency IRAs have become a major interest in our industry. The problems with these programs are numerous, mainly that you, the client, are not in control. These are centralized schemes that do not empower the individual. What’s worse is the fees are an astronomical 15-20% or more of your entire investment portfolio! You are limited in your investments, and most importantly you do not have access, control, or custody of the assets. With Perpetual Assets IRA LLC, you have it all, for a flat, affordable fee.

If You Don’t Hold It, You Don’t Own It

What happens with a crisis in confidence or the next banking crisis? Planning for these events are many investors’ main reasons for investing in cryptocurrency as we enter a new financial paradigm and move away from government-issued fiat currencies. Even if your centralized IRA crypto is insured, you still have a third party between you and your assets. If you don’t hold it, you don’t own it.

Counterparty risk will be a key buzzword in the coming financial turmoil. Think Bernie Madoff, only widespread, with numerous claims on the same asset, not to mention the insurance covers a U.S. dollar valuation at the time of loss. Even if your loss is made whole by a third party insurer, how long will it take to be paid, and what will happen to crypto prices in that timeframe? More importantly, what will happen to the value of the fiat currency in said timeframe?

Crypto Assets in Your Possession

Perpetual Assets IRA LLC is truly decentralized, a mechanism that the entire existence of crypto is built upon. This empowers the people, by and for the people, not financial institutions, custodians, and trustees. This platform allows you to control the storage of your crypto assets in your possession. This obviously eliminates counterparty risk but also provides you easy and fast access to your digital assets should you want to trade or take profits.

Investment Flexibility

The competing centralized platforms only offer a handful of crypto coins and tokens for investment. What if you want to invest in projects that aren’t even traded on centralized exchanges? What if you want to move in and out of assets, and even asset classes?

With Perpetual Assets crypto IRA LLC you have investment flexibility. You can invest in any coin, token, pre-sale, ICO, or ITO, even a private Reg D offering: a pre-pre-sale. No crypto project is off limits. You can also easily trade assets. Our clients were able to easily and quickly take profits in the last crypto bull market cycle. With Perpetual Assets IRA LLC you can invest in anything IRS allowable in the same account. Take crypto profits directly into cash, gold, silver, real estate, or private equity. And, when done inside an IRA, all the profits are tax deferred, or tax-free in a ROTH (consult your CPA). Most importantly you make the decisions, you control the assets and their custody, and you do so without permission, without filling out a request or a form. Simply keep records of all investment transactions.

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