Join us for almost two hours of Jackass insight.  Our first 30 minutes was lost due to a failure with my recording software.  The recorder was functioning fine until receiving an abrupt failure message.  The pending recorded file disappeared.

We find it ironic that Jim had an exact experience on another show recently.  It was my first in hundreds of interviews.  We were covering specific content with names of individuals and entities associated with the deep state.  Hmmm…  Jim gives recent examples of why he believes he may be under attack.  It appears he may be on to something.

Below are just a few topics covered:

Deutsche Bank and the Italian and French Dominos

The Coming Petro Yuan with a Gold Backing

Russia’s Rich History Battling the Deep State

New Technology, The Role of Silver, JPM Horde

Unintended Consequences of Sanctions

The Frankfurt Exchange

Blockchain Technology, The Tokenized Economy and Energy’s Role

And Much More….

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