Following Bitcoin’s meteoric rise, dramatic crash, and ongoing recovery, ordinary people are left to ponder whether this was all hype and smoke, or the advent something of much greater significance. Are we in the early stages of a true emergence of an entirely new asset class and revolutionary technology capable of freeing mankind from the grip of central banks, and solving previously impossible problems in finance, privacy, and trust?

Will Lehr, gold & silver IRA expert and co-founder of Perpetual Assets, who is just back from the 2018 Anarchapulco Conference, visits Reluctant Preppers to report on the new spirit of optimism and innovation he is witnessing in this emerging industry. Lehr gives his personal testimony from the heart of an active crypto-technology project, and shares his insider’s perspective on the true import and impact to our lives coming from crypto-technology.

Given Lehr’s solid reputation as a faithful advocate of personal physical possession of gold, silver, & platinum bullion, when he speaks out about a radical shift in the future of finance, we would do well to pay attention.



Dunagun Kaiser, founder and host

“Helping You Be Aware and Prepared”