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There’s no better example of how corrupt and hopelessly criminal our entire system has become than the mainstream media continuing to collude and lie in the effort to prop Hillary Clinton up as a legitimate and viable candidate for the office of US President. As Will Lehr from PerpetualAssets.com rightly notes, Hillary’s PROVEN crimes are already more than enough to land her in prison, and as the Wikileaks Podesta emails are now showing, the Clinton crimes that we know of are just the tip of the iceberg. Will and I discuss this and WHY it’s critical to get your assets outside of this criminal system if you want to survive the coming collapse.

Jim Willie, editor of The Hat Trick Letter is back!!! Find his latest work on GoldenJackass.com

Join us for a 2 hour adventure, featured in 2 parts…

We cover hot topics today including Jim’s new take of Chinese involvement in Deutsche Bank’s gold derivative book. This is a brilliant play in which China would be able to unload treasuries converting them to gold, while also causing a force majeure of the COMEX. Jim believes the massive gold paper dumping yesterday has everything to do with this.

Jim gives us a plethora of his fantastic side stories and tangents all rich with life lessons, including Big Bob the tennis player, the hungry brother lions, Jim’s recent movie goings, Tico contractor fraud, and more… Truly great stuff.

The truth is being revealed. A hidden force can be felt. It seems the tides of control are turning. Jim and I discuss the good guy/ bad guy saga. The JASTA vote and the subsequent lawsuit against Saudi Arabia are just the beginning. A highly publicized legal investigation of the official story of 9/11 is now underway. Pandora’s box is open.

And much more…