From Survival Blog, by William Lehr

There is approximately $17 trillion sitting in retirement accounts, 401ks, and pensions. Sources of liquidity of such magnitude are certainly at risk in the face of the upcoming financial crisis. The U.S. government, its central bank, and its entire financial and banking system are about to face a massive shortfall for cash.

In 2008 the bailout required via TARP was $700 billion, and estimates of backdoor easing and bailouts are in the tens of trillions, or more, not to mention the confirmed and admitted trillions in Federal Reserve off balance sheet transactions. This time the bubble is many multiples bigger, deeper, and broader. The derivative time bomb fuse has been lit. In fact, one very informed friend of mine believes there is $5 trillion per week in backdoor derivative “papering over” taking place right now.

We have seen bail-ins across the globe and warned clients and friends that they are coming to a bank account and IRA/401k near you. When governments and their central banks go broke, they steal from private industry. It is historical fact. It is the basis for taxation.
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