Will Lehr interviews Bix Weir from RoadToRoota.com

My friend Bix from RoadToRoota.com is back, and with so much going on, what better time. Our main topics of coverage are the presidential election, and the orchestration of the coming economic collapse.

Bix has some very interesting theories, and he gives us a new one today. Until yesterday Bix believed that the only way to unite the people during the coming collapse was for the left and right to unite, perhaps with a Sanders and Trump union. Today he believes an epic truth bomb may be right around the corner.

We discuss modern day criminal enterprises, market rigging, election rigging and more and Bix explains how it all boils down to a well known coup that was attempted in the USA 1933.

Silver and gold will be integral in the future monetary system, and bitcoin will make a very nice compliment as a payment processing solution.

And more…

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