By Gus Demos of Perpetual Assets

A long long time ago, in a republic far far away, we encountered double digit interest rates, what in monetary terms we refer to as the “Volker Years”. This by no coincidence ended the bull runs in Gold & Silver of the 70s and also was able to finally end the runaway inflation of that decade.

The reason is very simple, people, instead of speculating on certain asset classes to hedge against inflation, ran and simply deposited their money or got government bonds at that guaranteed high rate. This strengthened the USD, and weakened Gold & Silver. There were obviously other downside consequences to the move as well which I’ll avoid going into in detail such as skyrocketing mortgage rates, broad asset class deflation, etc. But, desperate times call for desperate measures.
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Gus Demos of Perpetual Assets Interviews Chris Martenson of Peak Prosperity.

Join Chris & Gus as they discuss the last 2 years of oil market action and how issues like Supply & Demand, Geopolitics, Monetary policy, among others impact everything we know. How long is sub 40 a barrel sustainable?

We then switch to the topic of central banking. We get Chris’s thoughts on the push towards NIRP. Is it any coincidence that it is being parlayed with a universal war on cash? Would NIRP and additional QE be the last tricks in the bag?

Chris covers the exponential function vs linear in great detail. Is it conspiratorial to believe that a linear way out of this fiscal & monetary armageddon is ultimately the goal of the central planners – something similar to Japan the last 25 years, instead of exponential explosion and a day of reckoning scenario?

Finally, with all the chaos in global markets in the last 9 months, has the 4 year Gold bear run its course? Is it impossible with all the variables and black swans? Which domino drops first? Or has it already?

Where does this ultimately end up going, civil unrest, war, total irrational electorate?

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Rory of The Daily Coin Interviews Will Lehr of Perpetual Assets

By Rory from The Daily Coin

I know very few people who are comfortable discussing their retirement savings. Not sure why that is, not the amount, but the vehicle that creates the account or what they are doing to protect themselves later in life. For a great many of us, “later in life” is lot closer than we care to admit.

If you think back two years ago, the person, currently, occupying the White House gave a State of the Union speech and introduced us to MYRA, My Retirement Account, and took the first step in announcing the theft of our retirement accounts.
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By Jim Willie, editor of The Hat Trick Letter on Golden Jackass

The quickening has begun in earnest. The end game might have begun in November with events picking up speed, remedy engaged in progressive steps, and geopolitical balance of power shifting in serious manner. The following are major events and factors in the Global Currency RESET in progress. The sequence of future events might become frightening, as the new financial structure comes into view. The potential for disruption to the USDollar- based supply chain and inventory system remains a high risk. The onset of the return of the Gold Standard to trade, banking, and currencies is upon us. The following are frequent topics within the Hat Trick Letter, within each and every monthly report.

Chinese tested successfully new financial platform for banking functions

China has wrested control of the Federal Reserve and Intl Monetary Fund

US banks are suspending proper accounting for energy firms

USDollar shortage goes global, in massive ongoing margin call

Russia & China no longer use USD in oil trade

Emerging Market debt implosion near

US pension funds begin to implode
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By David Haggith of The Great Recession Blog


While some business / economic publications, like NewsMax are saying that, “Oil is pulling away from the market’s biggest storm in seven years,” I say, “Don’t believe it.” Not for one second. The real storm begins near the middle of March.

Because people saw that the price of oil rose and stabilized in February and that stocks followed in lockstep, they were quick to conclude the worst is over. The final days of February were, in fact, nothing more than the calm before the main storm. People were, as usual, too quick to sigh in relief, and that relief is likely to make the upset even worse when they find out how wrong they were to think the worst is over. When people believe the worst is over, and suddenly things grow even worse than they already were, they are more likely to panic.

We have seen this pattern of human naiveté again and again during the so-called “recovery” from the Great Recession. What really happened in February was a little consolidation, as both oil and stock caught their breath after a long first leg down in prices, but the worst pressures that I’ve been predicting were never set to come in February, but to start in March.
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