By Jim Willie
Editor of The Hat Trick Letter

To be sure, groups of oil rags are accumulating in the Western financial basement. They await an incident to light them on fire to produce the grandest bonfire in modern history. Many incidents, events, and decisions created the current broken untenable wrecked set of conditions that together comprise the structural breakdown, upon which systemic failure is witnessed each day. The 1990 decade saw the creation of bank derivatives, which compensated for Western bank system insolvency. It was the dirty secret in backfire from a decade of outsourcing US industry to the Pacific Rim. The refusal by Greenspan to permit a recession early in the 2000 decade interrupted a normal housing correction, and initiated another credit stimulus. The result was the 2007 subprime mortgage crisis which will forever bear the Greenspan signature. The Lehman Brothers killjob was important to force the big Western banks to share the load, to tie (lash) themselves together, and to assure the systemic failure in an inexorable march to ruin. The LIBOR rate scandal confirmed that the London hive did not produce honey, but rather scum and dross. The big banks escaped the liability risk, only because it ran into the $trillions. The London Whale incident demonstrated the system as broken, the derivatives as key, and the loss volumes to be an order of magnitude greater than admitted. The Arab Spring began the planed wreckage of the entire Middle East. The Ukraine War began the planned wreckage of Europe. The sanctions against Russia are as much a sham as they are deeply damaging to Europe in every sense. The Syrian War began the final isolation of the United States, from its exposure to creation, supply, and control of ISIS. It is the international terror machine founded by Langley and the Mossad. Almost all wars are to protect the USDollar from abandonment, while at the same time prevent the Russian and Iranian energy sources from dominating the European supply chain.
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From our good friend at…

A Concert/Event to FREE Silver from Manipulation
Nov 22, 2015 at the Hotel Utah Saloon 500 4th St @ Bryant, San Francisco, CA


You are invited to a “one night only” Special Event: “Bix Weir Live” – A Concert/Event Dedicated to FREEING Silver from Manipulation! The event that will be held at the Hotel Utah Saloon in San Francisco on Sunday, November 22nd at 6pm – the night before the Silver Summit!


Yep, I am dusting off the strings of my old guitars to hold a live concert/show dedicated to the advancement of Silver Manipulation Knowledge. There will be lots of music, drinking, food, presentations on Silver Conspiracies, special guest speakers and guest musicians then more music and drinking, raffles and even AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION DISCUSSIONS all about bringing FREEDOM back into our “FREE SILVER MARKETS.”
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By Jim Quinn of The Burning Platform via Zero Hedge

Is it just me, or does it seem like we are moving inexorably towards a global confrontation? China claims some islands in the South China Sea and we attempt to provoke a military response by sending a US warship within 12 miles of the disputed islands. We accuse both China and Russia of cyber terrorism on a regular basis, even though we released the Stuxnet virus into the Iranian nuclear facilities and have used mass surveillance against people around the world, including allied leaders. We created ISIS as part of our grand strategy that included turning Iraq and Libya into lawless countries racked by civil war strife and religious zealotry. We created the Syrian refugee crisis by funding militants against Assad because Saudi Arabia and Qatar want to build a natural gas pipeline through Syria to Europe.

We led the overthrow of a democratically elected, Russian friendly, government in the Ukraine, and have continuously provoked Russia in their own backyard. We have covered up the true culprit in shooting down of the Malaysian airliner over the Ukraine. We have colluded with Saudi Arabia to drive the price of oil down in an attempt to destroy the economies of Iran, Argentina and Russia. Putin has now called our bluff and entered Syria in full force, bombing the shit out of ISIS and proving the US had no intention of defeating these terrorists, because our military industrial complex depends upon having an enemy to fight. Now Obama is placing US troops in the line of fire between Russia, Syria, Turkey, Iran, and ISIS.

Europe was already bankrupt, issues trillions in new debt to pay off the unpayable debt they already had. Now they are being overrun by Muslim hordes who will cause their societies to splinter and cause chaos, violence, and war. Domestically, Obama has successfully splintered the country along the lines of race, religion, gun ownership, producers vs consumers, and wealth. There are a multitude of fuses affixed to dozens of powderkegs and little kids with matches are on the loose.

I don’t know which of the fuses will be lit and which powderkeg will blow, but someone is bound to do something stupid, and then all hell will break loose. It could happen at any time. One military miscue. One assassination. One violent act that stirs the world. And the dominoes will topple, setting off fireworks not seen on this planet since 1939 – 1945. I can see it all very clearly.