A Fascist Empire Crumbles ~ with Jim Willie, Part 2

Will Lehr of Perpetual Assets Interviews Dr. Jim Willie, editor of the Hat Trick Letter on www.GoldenJackass.com

Join us for the final segment of almost an hour.

Global shortage of gold & silver

JP Morgan appears to be down to a few days inventory for delivery on gold contracts. JPM is also using accounting games to shift from Registered to Eligible gold. Enormous imports to India and China are being reported. Enormous delivery on gold contracts in Shanghai China are confirmed. Global premiums on coins are rising very fast, and recent mint coins are being treated like collector items.

One year delay in RESET again

The last one year delay was due to the US-sponsored coup in Kiev and Ukraine War. The US pleaded and was granted a one-year delay on the Global Currency Reset. The RESET appears to be a USDollar retirement as global reserve currency. It is also most certainly an elevation of Gold into banking system reserves and a re-price of Gold to double the current corrupt phony price. China is working vigorously on several hundred factory projects inside United States within a Free Trade Zone framework. The US will use the extra year time to capture more nations with USD lasso devious acts while stealing more gold under the Arab Spring cloud.

Beware of Yemen and internal Saudi problems

The Jackass has described the threat to the US anchor in Middle East for a year now. Currently Yemeni soldiers are at the Saudi border, one million strong. The ultimate challenges to the Saudi throne have surfaced:

a) Half brothers want the power seat

b) Natives want Islamic reforms for more freedom

c) Natives want more wealth distributed to people, not kept by Royals

d) Women want to end their slavery

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