“I’m Doing Fine in a World that is Totally Surreal” ~ Jim Willie Interview

Will Lehr of Perpetual Assets Interviews Dr. Jim Willie, editor of the Hat Trick Letter on www.GoldenJackass.com

Jim guides us through an informative display of geo political developments. He has an incredible understanding of global markets and how they work. Through statistical analysis he is able to find opportunities, pitfalls, deceit, and global agendas by the power elite. Jim is truly a gift to the community of awake and critical minds. We go much deeper than summarized. Tune in to the full hour and a half in 2 parts.

We open with a discussion on public sentiment and cognitive dissonance. Watching the public take the bait hook line and sinker is disturbing. As critical thinkers we check ourselves, even testing our own beliefs. The truth is most of the general public does not even inform themselves, let alone question.

Jim discusses many of the signals we should watch for as things unfold. He analyzes the US Treasury bond market, what he calls the grand weak link, the breaking point for the dollar. The entire world is quietly moving to Chinese currency settlement facilities. US corporations alone are holding large amounts of Yuan to purchase their materials from China.

The internal dynamics of the US Treasury bond are revealing. Jim breaks down the exact machinations of this market. He shows an asymmetric development where smaller samples are creating larger changes and this is very disturbing to the money handlers. China has dumped $250 billion in US treasuries in 2015 alone, about 20% of it’s ‘official’ holdings. Jim believes its real holdings are much less due to creative use of swap trade agreements.

The recent Chinese equities market collapse is no coincidence of timing – perhaps a Langley attack on the Chinese. Then a retaliation from from the Chinese in the form of hacking the NYSE, The Wall St Journal, and United Airlines. Jim believes the conflict is accelerating. He talks about Iran and its unique flashpoint potential.

Gold backed banking is the future. The BRICS are leading the charge. Jim believes the infrastructure is being built for international gold settlement in currencies and treasuries.

Unfortunately the paper money concept has strong roots. The understanding of money and capital by the US general public is dismal at best. The move to a gold standard may not be very well received.

The Greece saga continues and the outcome is sickening. The Greek people and economy are trapped in a nasty catch 22 whereby both possible outcomes are detrimental. Jim reveals an interesting development where more than half of the Greek spending has gone to military contractors, mainly the same interests of the bankers issuing then perpetual debt. Instead of cutting military spending the government will cut social programs.

We end with a discussion on the current situation in the physical metals market. Our experience in the last 2 weeks with silver on the retail and wholesale level has been incredible. Jim has been told that on 8 figure gold orders the premiums paid are up to 25% – 50%. The gold mining industry is coming to a slow grinding halt, including mines being put on hold.

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