Will Lehr of Perpetual Assets and Bix Weir of Road to Roota hash out current events in this 35 minute segment. From the cracking of bank derivatives, to major developments in Bitcoin and silver, our financial world is changing.

Join us for a fresh message from our friend Bix Weir. One thing we love about Bix is his positive spin. In the interview I comment on all the depressing news and the personal darkness one can experience by falling victim to it. He promptly replies that is necessary to our experience, and he is so right. We cannot grow without pain. We do not experience the gut wrenching feeling that is the pinnacle of life without a taste of sour first. For humanity to elevate from its current status we must experience the darkness to in turn demand the light.

Today we cover current events and the unfolding of the dollar system, as it takes place right before our eyes. Deuschebank is showing cracks, the largest derivative holder in the world, whose holdings total over $70 Trillion, has announced layoffs and resignations by both CEOs. The bank’s exposure to European debt is likely the culprit, specifically Greece.

We discuss TARP from 2008/9 and the likelihood that it won’t happen again. Do we have an informed public today? Does the public at least have enough awareness to reject it on the headline level? Perhaps if their bank accounts and IRAs vanish.

The discussion moves to Bitcoin as recent events prove interesting. Big name manipulators from the old system are showing major involvement in the crypto currency, Larry Summers, Donald Donahue, and Blythe Masters to name a few.

Bix discusses the secretive 21 Inc company and its incredible goal to imbed every single mobile device with Bitcoin mining chips. Every user gets automatically paid for free. Mass introduction could be underway.

Bix gives us his analysis of the American Silver Eagle program and the recent end of Silver Eagle coin rationing. He believes the US Mint lifting this rationing is a sign of the end game. This is a sign the US government is ready to destroy the system and go back to an honest monetary system.

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Gus Demos of Perpetual Assets Interviews James Turk founder of Gold Money and Co Author of The Money Bubble.

Join us for a fantastic conversation with James Turk.

Mr Turk gives us a glimpse of his professional financial journey, leading up to his founding of GoldMoney.

Mr Turk gives us insight into the repatriation of Gold, the Central Banks role in the current system. He then goes into the BRICS nations and the China strategy on Gold, the IMF, and what the future may hold.

The conversation then shifts to the Inflation vs Deflation debate, were we discuss what is likely to occur both short term and long term.

Finally Mr Turk gives us his insight into buying strategies for accumilation, answering the question regarding minimizing the pain of navigating the bull & bear markets.

Join us for this wonderful 20 minute dialogue with this Industry leader.

“Gold is Money, everything else is credit” – JP Morgan

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