By Dale Steinreich from MISES DAILY

Halloween has a socialist tenor. Menacing figures arrive at your door uninvited, demand your property, and threaten to perform an unspecified “trick” if you don’t fork over. That’s the way the government works in a nutshell.

Thanksgiving has been reinterpreted as the white man, after burning, raping, and pillaging the noble Indian, trying to make amends with a cheap turkey dinner. New Year’s can be ruined as the beginning of a new tax year, and the knowledge that the next five or six months will be spent working for the government.

That’s why I love Christmas. To this day it remains a celebration of liberty and private life, as well as a much-needed break from the incessant politicization of modern life. It’s the most pro-capitalist of all holidays because its temporal joys are based on private property, voluntary exchange, and mutual benefit.
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The threats to retirement accounts keep surfacing. Like anything else, the people that heed the warnings will be ahead of those that do not. This impending crisis reminds me of the 2007 pre sub prime debacle. The signals were present and warnings could be heard throughout the alternative media space.

Today is no different. The next collapse in confidence is just around the corner. The world is in a fiscal crisis. Do you think the ~$17 Trillion dollar retirement and pension piggybank will be safe? The bailout fund needed in the next crisis will be multiples larger than the famed TARP bailout in 2008.

If you ask most Americans they will tell you they don’t even expect to ever get all their pension or 401k. As a facilitator of the LLC IRA, a unique way to jailbreak an IRA and take it off grid, I am told by countless clients that they always viewed their pension or 401k as a phantom asset- something they would be lucky if they ever fully received. The system has done a miraculous job deceiving the public about retirement accounts. This will make an overhaul or even outright theft of these accounts not only possible but generally accepted in the face of a systemic fiscal meltdown.

We have been trained to accept a certain false truth regarding these accounts. Not only have we been conditioned to believe that we don’t own these accounts, but we have also been forced into a narrow scope of investments- all of which prop up the broken system. Contrary to popular knowledge, we can jailbreak these accounts and take the assets off grid, allowing almost any investment imaginable- with qualified funds in an IRA. The LLC IRA is the solution to government overregulation of IRAs.
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From Survival Blog

The topic of self directed IRAs has been one of great popularity on SurvivalBlog– especially the LLC IRA, whereby the individual can take home delivery of precious metals owned by the IRA and/or invest in almost anything he wants without approval or oversight.

We offer this piece to provide clarification on the taxable nature of distributions as expressed in this recent letter. It often makes sense for an individual to setup an LLC IRA to take his assets off grid, rather than take an often 50% tax hit on the entire account. However, when retirement age is reached, how does one take distributions of these assets from the self-directed IRA?

Just to recap, a self-directed IRA is established when an individual wants to take control of the assets in his retirement account. An LLC IRA is a type of self-directed IRA that adds another series of benefits to the account. A few of the benefits include: legal asset protection, investment flexibility without approval from a trustee, and the framework allowing at home storage of certain precious metals.
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From Bix Weir of Road To Roota

Don’t Wait to Convert Your Retirement to Silver Eagles…NO TIME LEFT!

I have been jumping up and down for people to get out of the system…ESPECIALLY the retirement programs. It’s a con built on a con.

There will be no VALUE left in the system when the music stops. Listen to this interview once again…

The Shocking Truth the History Channel Can’t Broadcast
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It’s all true. A massive paper/electronic Ponzi that can implode at any minute.

I have given you a contact that I have used to help you through the process but you must start NOW as it can take up to a month to set everything up and get that silver into your own pocket for safe keeping.

Call Will Lehr from and he will walk you through the process.
Will’s number is 888-281-2630

It’s now or never for this move my friends.

And with the price of Silver Eagles below $20/oz this is a MASSIVE GIFT from the cabal!
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