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Jaroslav in St Petersburg Russia has supplied some high important information. The following is from him, with my edits for readability and flow. The information uses quoted comments from Alexander Dyukov, the head of Gazprom Neft (Gazprom Oil). Almost all their clients for crude oil and petroleum products have signed agreements to pay in Rubles. A few have been permitted from certain points to make payments in Euro currency. As for Novoport, this project has already begun delivery for Ruble currency, and ongoing oil deliveries from the field will be in Rubles. Also, from this time, the deliveries to the Asian market are to be completed in Yuan currency. The USDollar is a global liquid currency, and the transition into any other currency is a certain chore with risks and costs. “They see a potentially large amount of crude oil and oil products which could be realized in USD settlement. They require conversion into Rubles, to be done with as minimal risk and as simple as possible.” He was clear that Russia should consider creating its own price agency and exchanges that set quoted oil prices in Rubles. This function would help to facilitate global access to the Ruble, which in turn would increase the volume of oil and petroleum products sold in Rubles and Yuan.

In update, Gazprom Neft has sent the second oil tanker for settlement in Rubles. The oil was produced at the Novoportovskoye field on the Yamal Peninsula . It contained crude oil in the amount of 27.2 thousand tons, delivered on September 17th to NorthWestern Europe. New oil is called Novy Port, its quality characteristics, including low sulfur content exceeds the benchmark grade of Brent. They are currently preparing for shipment of a third tanker. One should conclude that Oil for Rubles is a done deal. Soon other Russian companies will join in, for conducting large sales in Rubles, and possibly Yuan, possibly outside the energy sector. The Jackass adds that the Ruble currency will strengthen considerably. One can hope that the London and Wall Street market rig specialists will experience a vast backfire with heavy losses at their desks and in their faces.



From Zero Hedge

While we have already noted the backlash against hedge funds as a result of their chronic underperformance of the market over the past 5 years, resulting in first Calpers and now Texas Pensions to pull money out of the asset class, the reality is that in a micro-managed world in which the Fed itself is the Chief Risk Officer of the S&P 500, there is no need to actively manage assets – after all the money printer itself is doing so on behalf of everyone. However, it is not just highly paid hedge funds – paid highly to hedge risk which simply does not exist until such time as central banks lose control – but pension, mutual and virtually every other class of actively managed money will underperform the S&P as long as the central banks are actively pushing asset values higher (and when they stop watch out below because no amount of shorts or puts will offset the carnage that will result).

And yet some, such as Pension funds, have a specific bogey they have to hit every single year, in order to maintain a mandated increase in their assets or else suffer the wrath of disgruntled pensioners and overseers.

Which probably explains why as Pension360 reports, the Chief Investment Officer of one such pension fund decided to do the unthinkable: daytrade, i.e. gamble, its assets, which happen to be the lifetime savings of hard workers who just happen to be naive enough to believe their retirement money is entrusted into safe hands. Little did they know that instead they have handed the fruit of their lives’ labor over to the E-trade baby.

And if that was not bad enough, the CIO intends to use as much as 500% leverage. While daytrading.
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Will Lehr from Perpetual Assets Interviews John Rubino from

Chaos creates opportunities.
The crack up boom, or critical mass, is accelerating, the veil is being lifted.
What will future historians have to say about us?
Are governments inherently lazy and parasitic?
The final nail in the dollar’s coffin in 1971, and its implications on present day society.
The reserve status combined with petro-dollar power has built the largest military and entitlement society in the history of the world.
Left vs right on spending cuts, used as intentional quagmire.
The concentration of wealth and power vs the free market capitalists.
The political process is broken, collapse is inevitable.
We have a chance, we must understand and spread the principles for which this country was founded.
Derivatives – net numbers vs the real numbers. Why a failure to deliver turns a net exposure into a gross. Half of all interest rate market derivatives are at risk, learn why.
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Precious metals investors are attracted to the idea of using an Individual Retirement Account to purchase physical precious metals. Nevertheless, many are hesitant to do so because someone else is holding their metal.

However, there is a type of self-directed retirement account whereby you can fund an IRA with precious metals and keep them at home.

The IRA LLC is a hidden gem to the precious metals community. The structure allows the individual to take physical, at-home, possession of certain Gold and Silver Coins with IRA funds and it is not a taxable distribution. The metal does not have to be held at a depository and can be purchased from the dealer of your choice.

For those that have considered cashing out their IRAs or 401ks thus paying taxes and penalties, this can be a much cheaper alternative to physically holding precious metals. Perpetual Assets are experts in the creation of the IRA LLC. We will have your retirement account converted to cash in your local bank in the LLC checking account. You will have checkbook control of your retirement cash in a matter of days.

We have been conditioned to believe that we cannot hold our IRA assets, that we are not in control, and that we must rely on brokers, bankers, and storage depositories. This is not true.
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Michael Rivero – Peace Activist, Radio Talk Show Host, Blogger, Truth Teller, Editor of

Join us for over a half hour of incredible content. Mike is literally full of information and strategic analyses We discuss the Bretton Woods agreement and the road to Petro dollar status, and it’s imminent demise. Mike explains the Soviet Union’s role as a seed for the development of Al Qaida, and now, ISIS, including botched US foreign policy and the consequences. We discuss 40+ years of false flags and downright accidents and the resulting wars. The gulf of Tonkin and the false initiative in Vietnam. The wreck of the Lusitania and the spark for WWI. Ukraine, Crimea and the roots of self-governance. We also explore the US/ Mex Border crisis, Police State – Ferguson, MO, Ebola, Russia and more.

Michael’s belief that the good will prevail in humanity is a refreshing message. It is time for all of us to stand up and speak. We must share our disgust with all our neighbors. Stop obeying, go Gandhi, non-comply, and refuse to participate.


Tulving closed its doors months ago, and now Merit… This time it appears “bait and switch” sales tactics finally bit back. With what kind of company do you like to do business?

From The City of Santa Monica:
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“The lawsuit accuses Merit of a massive, nationwide bait and switch scam. Merit advertises gold and silver bullion on TV, online and in print ads, at “1% over cost.” The complaint alleges that when consumers call in to buy bullion, Merit’s salespeople allegedly use false, deceptive and aggressive tactics to trick them into buying heavily marked-up so-called “collector” coins instead, including falsely telling consumers:

that the coins are a better investment than bullion
that the coins offer more privacy than bullion
that the coins are not “reportable” on consumers’ taxes
that the coins can’t be confiscated by the government, while bullion can be

The complaint further alleges that, in fact, the collector coins pushed by Merit have none of these advantages over gold or silver bullion, according to the lawsuit.”


From Coin Week:
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“When called and asked about the declaration, an associate said that the company is beginning a transfer of ownership, and that the sale of bullion is prohibited while this process takes place. The associate also said that the dealership is still allowed to sell what it currently has in stock. As of August 8, inventory consisted of three silver Lunar Britannia coins, according to the associate…

UPDATE: On August 13, Adam Radinsky, Head of the Consumer Protection Unit of the Santa Monica City Attorney’s Office, told CoinWeek that Merit Gold had entered into an assignment for the benefit of creditors. An assignment for the benefit of creditors is an alternative to bankruptcy, and it is possible for a business to continue to operate as a going concern during and after the process.

On August 15, I called Merit Gold and Silver to confirm. The associate I spoke with told me that the business is closing its doors. Messages left with Merit Gold Owner Peter Epstein and CEO Michael Getlin went unanswered.”


By Jim Willie, The Golden Jackass, Editor of The Hat Trick Letter

Jim’s Summary:
the USDollar is under siege despite its rising exchange rate
a Global Paradigm Shift is underway
the Ukraine War has brought about a heightened urgency
Europe must make a decision to preserve its economy, or to support the USD
the European nations will work to install the Gold Standard, and thus will preserve their economies and industry and jobs
Special Forces professional troops from Germany, France, Netherlands, and England are fighting against NATO forces in Ukraine
easy conclusion: NATO IS DEAD
the Fascist Axis is being exposed, coming into full view
defense of the USD via war is becoming very well understood
the Petro-Dollar is dying, as both the Saudis and Russia will work without the USD core in payments
Germans are fed up with American strongarm tactics, as confrontations are occurring
the anti-USDollar movement has gone global, as all nations pursue BRICS Associate status
Gold, Bonds, and Banks are the extreme weak links
the US will succeed in imposing sanctions against the majority of nations, and thus win extreme isolation
the new axis of Russia, China, Germany is emerging which will promote the return to Gold Standard

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