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French economy is now in a downward spiral and imploding on itself. Inflation is much higher than people think. Home prices are now leveling off and falling. Sales are declining. The US is preparing for bail-ins which they are now report that they are ready for a banking collapse. Riots continue in Ferguson and now the FBI is involved. Russia’s food sanction are continually hurting the Western countries. Russia is delivering humanitarian aid to Ukrainian eastern people. More advisers are being sent to Iraq, US begins drone operations in Iraq and the US is now working with the new PM. Ebola is allegedly being reported that it is spreading.


The below transcript is one I received in an email this morning from Jim Willie, editor of The Hat Trick Letter. With his permission I am sharing. I believe Jim to be one of the most relevant sources of our time. He has had a stellar track record over the last decade with his predictions. To say the least, he is in the know.

comment from the Voice at end (worth reading first)
/ JW

from London Paul, via Chinese source…

“Beijing is quietly pushing back its loose timetable to make the Yuan freely convertible, policy insiders say, as the authorities fear removing capital controls too soon could unleash damaging speculative flows that will make it harder to reshape the economy. The source in China suggested the belief now was it was years off for full convertibility.”

everything is so difficult on implementing non-USD devices and platforms
risk, complexity, unintended consequences — all big factors
then East will go to more Euro-Yuan-Ruble usage and work directly toward BRICS currency
wondering if Voz will respond that the March 2015 timetable for BRICS gold currency will be delayed
more time for the cancer stick USD
the issue comes back to the fact that the longer the Western financial insanity carries on, the longer the hyper monetary inflation carries on, the longer war is used to defend the USD, the worse the potential blowback will be, the worse the impact crater will be, both to the bank system from derivatives and to the economy from QE capital hits
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