The IRA LLC: The Penalty-Free Way of Taking Possession


By Dr Jeff Lewis from Silver Coin Investor

The IRA LLC: The Penalty-Free Way of Taking Possession, While Getting Your Retirement Assets Out Of The System

I know that many of you holding retirement accounts constantly grapple with “getting out of the system”, mainly because of the huge penalties associated with “cashing out”.

But there is a perfectly legitimate way of doing this while avoiding penalties.

My good friend Will Lehr, a fellow surfer and father of little ones, runs a company called Perpetual Assets.

And an article about the IRA LLC here.

Needless to say I’m a big advocate of the IRA LLC because you can use it to:

1. TAKE PHYSICAL DELIVERY so that you control the metal directly.

2. CREATE A LAYER OF CONFISCATION PROTECTION because the LLC isn’t perceived as low hanging fruit retirement funds in the probing eye of big brother, creating another degree of separation.

For those of you who are still fretting over the “not insignificant penalty” for cashing out of your retirement account, this is NOT a traditional Gold Silver IRA rollover you see advertised all over creation.

The IRA LLC does NOT convert your account to metal in a depository-which might as well be paper.

This IS a legal vehicle toward ACTUAL PHYSICAL POSSESSION that simultaneously cloaks your retirement account by wrapping it an LLC.

Check it out or contact Will directly by email.

Will’s Phone: 888-281-2630

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