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The change in retirement plans will impact 68,000 workers including managers and executives, Boeing (BA, Fortune 500) said Thursday.

Those employees will transition to a 401(k) plan. Boeing will contribute directly to these plans and match any money that workers opt to save. Any benefits earned from the current, traditional pension plan will be paid when the worker retires, along with the 401(k) funds.
The objective is to provide employees with “attractive” benefits while also curbing the unsustainable growth of Boeing’s pension liabilities, according to human resources senior vice president Tony Parasida.

The change won’t go into effect until Jan.1, 2016. At that point, Boeing will contribute 9% of an employee’s eligible income to the new plan. That percentage will decrease by 1 percentage point for the following two years. Then, Boeing will contribute between 3% and 5% of a worker’s income each pay period, depending on their age. The company will also continue to match whatever the employee contributes themselves.

Thursday’s announcement means that a “vast majority” of Boeing employees will have now been moved to a 401(k) plan, said spokesman John Dern.
All nonunion employees hired since 2009 as well as new hires represented by 28 unions have already been moved to defined contribution plans.

The shift comes two months after union members accepted a labor agreement that would also transition 33,000 Boeing machinists from the pension plan to a 401(k). It was a divisive vote within the union, but it will keep a union-represented plant in the Seattle area well into the future.

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When precious metals prices seem too good to be true this is often what happens…

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I have put together a ‘post mortem’ of The Tulving Company.

It covers in great detail what happened (and may have happened) to The Tulving Company. Spoiler: I believe it started with The Tulving Company being long gold and/or silver in the futures market in 2011, and owing a large amount of money. I believe they then sold off their inventory by mid-2012 to pay the debt, and started using customer funds at that time, causing delays of several weeks. They then tried to ‘double up’ on the speculative futures bets (and likely earned income writing naked put options), which backfired in mid-April, 2013, with Tulving owing an estimated ~$40M.

The Tulving Company is Out of Business

March 3, 2014 3:45PM EST
As we predicted/requested on Friday, The Tulving Company has gone out of business, as of Monday morning (March 3, 2014). They have not answered their phones since Friday, February 28, and we have independently confirmed that they have ceased operations, and the BBB and BCA believe this as well.
March 7, 2014 6:30AM Yesterday, a sign was placed on the door of The Tulving Company stating that they are closed, and more information will be available next week.

This page will be updated as more information comes in. We also have a page with pre-shutdown information on Tulving.
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