Join us for almost two hours of Jackass insight.  Our first 30 minutes was lost due to a failure with my recording software.  The recorder was functioning fine until receiving an abrupt failure message.  The pending recorded file disappeared.

We find it ironic that Jim had an exact experience on another show recently.  It was my first in hundreds of interviews.  We were covering specific content with names of individuals and entities associated with the deep state.  Hmmm…  Jim gives recent examples of why he believes he may be under attack.  It appears he may be on to something.

Below are just a few topics covered:

Deutsche Bank and the Italian and French Dominos

The Coming Petro Yuan with a Gold Backing

Russia’s Rich History Battling the Deep State

New Technology, The Role of Silver, JPM Horde

Unintended Consequences of Sanctions

The Frankfurt Exchange

Blockchain Technology, The Tokenized Economy and Energy’s Role

And Much More….

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Will Lehr of Perpetual Assets interviews Adam Kokesh of

Join us for a brief chat on the love of liberty, Adam’s campaign fun, and a very strategic book bomb.

Libertarians and Anarcho-capitalists coming out for the vote?  When the goal is dissolution of the Federal government, certainly…

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Following Bitcoin’s meteoric rise, dramatic crash, and ongoing recovery, ordinary people are left to ponder whether this was all hype and smoke, or the advent something of much greater significance. Are we in the early stages of a true emergence of an entirely new asset class and revolutionary technology capable of freeing mankind from the grip of central banks, and solving previously impossible problems in finance, privacy, and trust?

Will Lehr, gold & silver IRA expert and co-founder of Perpetual Assets, who is just back from the 2018 Anarchapulco Conference, visits Reluctant Preppers to report on the new spirit of optimism and innovation he is witnessing in this emerging industry. Lehr gives his personal testimony from the heart of an active crypto-technology project, and shares his insider’s perspective on the true import and impact to our lives coming from crypto-technology.

Given Lehr’s solid reputation as a faithful advocate of personal physical possession of gold, silver, & platinum bullion, when he speaks out about a radical shift in the future of finance, we would do well to pay attention.



Dunagun Kaiser, founder and host

“Helping You Be Aware and Prepared”

The year was 2010, the year of the beginning of my personal awakening.  I saw a meme on Facebook of building 7 in free fall with the caption stating the fact that it was blocks away from the twin towers and was not hit by a plane.  That was a wtf moment for me.

That awakening process was a scary one, Complete with studies of agenda 21, fema camps, land grabs, civil asset forfeiture, the arrests and assassinations of journalists.  There was seemingly no way out for humanity.

Bitcoin was just barely alive, although unbeknownst to me.  I spent two years in the darkness before crawling out.  I prepped, I freaked out my friends and family, I made rash decisions.  Looking back I realize it was that time of darkness when my character was most sculpted.  I needed the darkness to truly yearn for the light.   The darkness made me realize the sanctity of freedom.

Soon after I learned about open source communication, consensus algorithms, and the distributed ledger technology on which the bitcoin ecosystem operates.   I was fascinated with the mechanics, although it took me several more years to finally understand the application.  It takes time for the mind to envision how this tech is going to change industries, methodologies, and manners of human communication and transfer of value.   Once that vision is finally grasped, those deep in this space are unwavering in their mission to help make the world a better place.  Hence the “hype” label given to our efforts by the mainstream.

After a couple grueling years in the darkness, with the help of some bitcoin optimism as well as the starting of a new company, the darkness began to fade.  We started Perpetual Assets as a way to help people remove their assets from the broken and dying legacy system.  I found when I was able to give back, with intention, the universe rewarded me by simply making my quest easier and my obstacles fewer.

This February was Perpetual assets third year sponsoring, exhibiting, and speaking at Anarchapulco and the rise in attendance is indicative of the groundswell of optimism that I am seeing on the retail investment level.  People are finally excited about something real, something organic, something with the power to liberate and elevate humanity.  The excitement is warranted.  The dreams are turning into reality.   The ideas are converging with momentum, international attention, and a flood of capital to fund the operations.

This is not just a disruptive technology.  This is not just the birth of a new asset class, which only happens every 500 years.  This is a revolution.  This will be the first time in human history where the people will overthrow multi thousand year legacy systems by creating their own currency and their own system for transferring value.  This is beyond unprecedented.

Dr Paul said ideas are powerful.  Victor Hugo said no one can stop an idea who’s time has come.   That time is now.

Will Lehr

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Jeff interviews returning guest, Gus Demos of Perpetual Assets. Topics include: getting cryptocurrencies into IRAs, using IRA funds to buy crypto, also available in Canada, Perpetual Assets change of focus as clients increasingly are interested in crypto, private key ownership, complicated but entirly possible to move funds between IRA and crypto, flat fee structure, self directed IRA’s and diversification, mainstream bitcoin mocking, wise to only put a portion into crypto, suggested as 10%, get to know crypto before investing, crypto markets are highly volatile and not for everyone, educate yourself don’t just dive in, gold and silver still one of the soundest investments going, , Perpetual Asset’s long and joyous involvement with the TDV Summit and Anarchapulco.