He’s back – Will interviews Dr Jim Willie, editor of the Hat Trick Letter, found on the website GoldenJackass.com

Part One:

Part Two:

Join us for an epic 2 hour adventure with the Jackass himself, Jim Willie. Topics include global trade dynamics and new systems being implemented as we speak. Jim forecasts exactly what he thinks will be the final blow to the US dollar, involving China and gold and it’s not as simple as you may think. There is another angle here of the US military allowing non USD settlement in hopes that China’s Yuan falls flat.

Jim’s analysis on international geo politics and currency trade is truly like none other. DO NOT miss part two as we dive fairly deep into crypto currency potential applications. We include our usual friendly tirades and rants. We hope you enjoy! Jim’s expertise, study, and connections make him invaluable to our community. Sign up for his Hat Trick Letter if you haven’t already.

Please excuse a few minor audio glitches, we work through them as best we can

Bix shares his awesome crypto trading returns with us and how he used Clif’s work to guide his buy and sell decisions. He also explains how he did it all inside his self directed IRA that we setup. Go get em Bix!

I must admit, I’ve taken part in the action myself. Here’s our best advice: Take profits often in physical silver. We accept bitcoin for bullion here at Perpetual Assets.

cWatch and share this video! This is the tipping point friends. Sean and Bix are exactly on point here…

The interest in the Seth Rich Story, the story of Silver price Suppression and the Crypto-Currency Phenomenon is off the charts…but Youtube and Google will NOT let the world find out about this stuff. Too dangerous for their control over humanity and the exposure of the criminals that MANIPULATE our MINDS.

A few days ago my friends Bix and Sean at SGTReport .com discussed these topics and the video is getting massive attention even though it’s being blocked, demonetized and suppressed by the powers that control Youtube.

Still, it has already had nearly 150,000 views and the count is rising. Please send this video to all your friends and family as well as post it to your websites.

We can only win this battle by working together to expose the TRUTH.

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Why is the mainstream media completely ignoring the Seth Rich assassination story? Is it because the professional hit on Rich probably leads to the highest levels of the DNC, or potentially all the way to John Podesta or Hillary Clinton herself? This is high drama not even ‘House of Cards’ on Netflix can touch. Will Lehr from Perpetual Assets joins me to discuss this, the economy, and the Comex killer. Thanks for tuning in.